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What is Propane Gas?

Propane is an eco-friendly and efficient way to heat your home. Approve by the 1990 Clean Air Act, Propane Gas is a clean fuel used to heat your home, water heater, gas stoves, furnaces and grills and other equipment fueled by gas.

Propane is a nontoxic, odorless gas that is not only safe for the environment but safe to use around your family. It is the perfect way to fuel your home and keep your family healthy and comfortable.

What can Propane Gas be used for?

  • Space Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Cooking
  • Fuel for washers and dryers

What can West Texas Propane offer?

West Propane Texas is offering Clint & El Paso, TX with a piece of mind. You can go to sleep knowing that your family is safe and comfortable. You have the fuel and energy to heat your home, your children's showers, and put food on the table.

For new customers, West Texas Propane will come to your home, test your systems and make sure your home is ready and safe to deliver the propane tank. If there are issues with the area of your home, we will fix those issues prior to delivery. Safety is the number one priority in propane gas tank installation. West Texas Propane will then install fill your propane tank. We offer free initial leak testing and our prices are competitive but they vary. Please Call West Texas Propane to schedule your appointment.

For existing customers, West Texas Propane will come to your home and refill your propane tanks and offer cylinder filling for grill bottles at a fraction of the price of national propane companies. Call today to place your order!

As a local company, you can trust that West Texas Propane understands you and your family's interest and put you first at all time. Everyone in our office are Clint and El Paso, TX locals and we take pride in our community and we want to keep it running smoothly with Propane gas.

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